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  • I Got Reposted By Tessa Violet!

    Always wanted the original artist of a song to repost my cover, and today that finally happened. The amazing Tessa Violet shared my cover of her single Crush

  • Did You Know I Can Write Lyrics Too?

    I have been scribble lyrics in my journal , and typing ideas into the notes section of my iPhone for the past few  years. Today I decided I would share finally share some of those ideas with all of you.  Check out the video here!  

  • New DSLR Camera!

    My passion for photography has always run deep. Now with my Professional DSLR camera. I can finally announce Khayden's Photography Services is officially launched. Click Here to book your shot.

    I am so excited to announce that I will
  • Newark Post Article

    What happens when you play out on Main Street for over 4 years in a row? The town's newspaper writes an article about you! Click the image below to go check out the article.

    Hey guys, check it out! The Newark Post

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