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Welcoming Long Play Café

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Brian Broad of Long Play Café (LPC) is the newest, and among the most vibrant members of our growing community. Owner Brian makes the record shopping experience a unique and unforgettable one. Any patron of LPC seeking expertise on Vinyl new and old are at home while visiting. The storytelling behind the history of each piece makes for an enlightening, exciting café experience. With energy like this, it was only right that we at Khayden Arts match the creativity and liveliness of LPC with their new posts.

Through the use of special effects editing, our team wanted to showcase the captivating owner that is Brian. Akin to the dynamic environment, our media team utilized footage from both coordinated and candid interactions. We hope to bring back the college-aged audience that a record shop like LPC needs. Stay tuned for updates on the performance of these videos and new projects from LPC.


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