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Hosting a Corporate event? Here's what you should know:

Corporate events require special care and planning. Understanding the essentials is what can put your organization apart from others. Here is what to keep in mind when planning.

Hosts and speakers.

Consider the purpose of your event. What is your message? It may be to increase sales down the line or to commemorate progress within your company members already. Regardless of your point of gathering, you should be choosing speakers that can provide a special perspective to getting this message across. Having a diverse range of speakers and speaker perspective is preferred.

The presentation.

The number one aspect I have noticed events getting wrong is the presentation. A perfect companion to speeches, a Powerpoint slideshow is highly recommended. Where there is the issue is in the look of the sides. Uncentered images, boring white backgrounds, and an overflow of words are just a few of the problems I notice consistently with corporate presentations. So remember, center your content, choose a clean and interesting theme, and remain consistent. If you are new to creating slideshows, consider consulting someone on your team with an eye for design. Getting the visuals right will go along way to showing your audience that you put thought into your work.


No one likes sitting in a room for hours without something to entertain them. Your guests are likely to appreciate your event more if you provide entertainment that makes the night more united, relaxed, and not the mention more memorable. Live music is recommended but dance or art performances that suit the culture of your audience and brand, this may also be a good alternative. For resources on hiring a professional saxophonist, for example, feel free to check out the entertainer here.

Food and services.

Lastly and perhaps most obviously, people need to eat! You will need to provide catering for your attendees. It is recommended that you hire a catering company that services people with a variety of eating restrictions while still staying within your budget. It may come off as exclusionary to not consider vegetarian or shellfish allergen audience members.


When it comes to financing your event, it may come down to knowing how to prioritize your needs. Venue, food, entertainment, AV technician(s), photographers, and decor are among the necessities. Fitting in additional assets are at your discretion while planning. Keep in mind that the safety and happiness of your attendees are of utmost importance. Contacting providers like security and event photographers may be key. At its very basic, your event budget should look something like this:

For additional resources on how to get the full event package, visit for more details. Good luck on your event!

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