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New Enrollments for Center for the Creative Arts

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Our partnership with Delaware's own Center for the Creative Arts (CCArts) has allowed for an influx of new content and opportunities. A major turning point for the arts center has been with the rise of enrollment into courses offered at their facility. Seen here in the video below, for example, long time yoga instructor Marla Friedman introduces Children's Yoga with compelling insight into the benefits of her class. Matched with video footage of the course itself and the joyful young students within it, this video served as a great way to advertise what CCArts has to offer.

Through Facebook ads targeted to a specialized and well-researched audience, this and videos like it were able to individually garner over 70 visits to the CCArts website in under 4 days. This was run for under $20 per video, with Marla's receiving 73 clicks, a course ad for instructor Stephanie receiving 89 clicks, and lastly an ad for instructor Jamie gaining 79 clicks to the site for registration in just under $15.

This makes for an average of 4 site visits per $1 spent; a stark comparison to the previous 1 to $1 ratio achieved prior using CCArts's traditional marketing.

We are honored to have increased traffic to the wonderful facility that is CCArts. Stay tuned for updates on projects in the future!


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